Wet Rooms


Wet Rooms are waterproofed (tanked) rooms usually equipped with a walk-in shower. The wet room itself becomes the shower enclosure, with a shower drain inset into a gently sloped floor in place of a conventional shower tray. Tanking is a waterproofing procedure carried out in bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and sauna/steam rooms which protects the building against moisture migration and leaks (steam, shower spray, etc).



The benefits of a wet room to consider are:

  • It opens up your bathroom and creates a more attractive space.
  • Suits and facilitates contemporary design
  • It is compatible with under floor heating systems
  • Facilitates a shower where a traditional shower tray may not have been viable
  • Wet room flooring can be wooden or concrete floored.
  • With David W Inns we will be with you every step of the way advising you on the best way ahead with your project through to its construction and unrivaled after-sales service.

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